Article image Do's and Dont's of e-car charging

E-car charging: Do's and Don'ts!

Whether at home or on the road, there are a few things to keep in mind when charging your e-car. We offer tips and tricks that you should have in mind to avoid mistakes.

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Article image - 7 answers about electromobility

7 Responses to electromobility

Electric vehicles are a topic with ever-increasing relevance. For companies in particular, it is an exciting field of the future. As a specialist portal for electromobility, we deal with this every day.

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Environmental bonus - funding for electric cars - umschalten,.de

Electric driving with subsidies

Federal and state subsidy programmes are making the transition to electromobility increasingly attractive. With the environmental bonus, for example, up to 4,000 euros can be saved on the purchase of a new electric vehicle.

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HGV toll

Avoiding the toll electrically

40,000 kilometres of toll road were added to the existing 12,000 kilometres in July. The reason: Since then, all vehicles and vehicle combinations of 7.5 tonnes or more have to pay a fee for the use of all federal roads.

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