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For every energy service provider, the focus is on people's quality of life. This means that security of supply with electricity, drinking water, heat and gas must be guaranteed at all times.
Crisis situations, such as the Corona pandemic, therefore require emergency plans in order to maintain the energy supply with targeted measures.

The pandemic action plans primarily aim at stable and trouble-free supply in the entire supply area or city area. To this end, hygiene measures are being strengthened, staff sensitised and a core team set up to ensure daily coverage.

To cope with the special situation, a crisis team monitors and evaluates all developments in order to be able to react quickly. After all, behind all the digitalisation of business processes there are people who keep everything running with their actions and thoughts. In addition, special customer service and increased customer communication create trust. The overall success of crisis management is the foundation for energy suppliers to ensure constant security of supply.

Trade and industry depend on a stable energy supply. This is because it is a basic prerequisite for economic growth. Security of supply is therefore a high priority in the work of the Federal Network Agency.

The diagram shows all the aspects that play a role in this. On the website of the Federal Network Agency you can read which measures are necessary to ensure a high level of supply security in Germany.

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Energy service providers have a responsibility. The management of any crisis is accompanied by challenges in order to maintain profitability. Companies in other sectors must also react with measures to meet their customers with crisis protection and cushion their own continued existence. So the question is: how do they manage? The federal and state governments have responded to these existential needs and launched various aid programmes. In addition, up-to-date information can be obtained at any time from the website of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, which is always advisable, even apart from acute crisis management. Especially in difficult times, you should be well informed about your options for action. Here you will find an overview of the current aid programmes for Saxony:

Emergency aid grant from the federal governmentSächsische Aufbaubank Dresden (SAB)Solo self-employed persons, members of the liberal professions in their main occupation, small enterprises with up to 10.0 employees (full-time equivalent) with their registered office or place of business in Saxony
Saxony helps immediatelySächsische Aufbaubank Dresden (SAB)Sole proprietors (solo self-employed), micro-enterprises and freelancers in Saxony, with an annual turnover of up to one million euros in their main occupation
Larger companies with a place of business in Saxony with up to 100 employees (full-time equivalents) and with an annual turnover in 2019 of over one million euros
Emergency Loan SMEKULSächsische Aufbaubank Dresden (SAB)Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture and forestry as well as SMEs in the processing and marketing of Annex I products.
*A.d.R. as of 20.04.20 still no application forms online
Measures for loans to bridge the Corona crisisGuarantee Bank SaxonySmall and medium-sized enterprises
KfW Corona aidKfWCompany, self-employed or freelancer
Compensation payments against the background of the Corona virusRegional Headquarters SaxonyBusinesses and self-employed


Prudent crisis management, a constant flow of information as well as alternative communication options underpin the fact that security of supply with electricity, drinking water, heat and gas is a top priority even in exceptional situations. After all, energy is a basic requirement for every company not to stand still and to be able to act. The crisis teams are aware of this great responsibility.

Existing, digital customer loyalty instruments for communication experience a very special significance in these times. Firstly, because they optimally support emergency measures for ongoing business operations and are also part of supply security. Secondly, because they confirm to the customer that they have made a good choice in terms of progressiveness and crisis security with the respective energy supplier.

SachsenEnergie is also equipped with a crisis team for all emergencies, such as currently during the Corona pandemic. This means that the supply of electricity, gas, heat and drinking water to all customers is secured at all times.


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A contribution by Stefan Oswald

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