New BMDV funding call until 08.06.23!

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Support for the acquisition of electric vehicles for local authorities and public institutions 


In order to achieve the ambitious goals issued by the federal government for the spread of electromobility, it will continue to receive regular funding. The Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) launched a new call for the Electromobility Funding Guideline at the beginning of May. Deadline is 08 June 2023. has summarized all important information for you! 

Table of contents

What is promoted?

Funding is generally provided for the procurement of electric vehicles and the necessary charging infrastructure. In the case of road-bound electric vehicles, the additional investment costs in the classes of passenger cars (M1, for passenger transport with a maximum of 8 seats without driver's seat) and light vehicles (L2e, L5e, L6e and L7e) are subsidized. Funding for charging infrastructure is also requested within this framework. Important here is a appropriate ratio as a basic requirement for eligibility. However, the subsidized charging infrastructure may also be publicly accessible.

Who is sponsored?

Funding is provided to downstream state agencies and municipalities as well as publicly owned facilities.


Tip: You can easily find the funding call online in the easyOnline portal of the Federal Government!


What are the requirements?

To be eligible for the subsidy, two things must be observed: The electric vehicles to be funded must be operated 100% with renewable energies and the minimum funding contribution (also called grant) of €24,990 gross must be achieved. Also important in this context is the maximum grant of €1.19 million gross per applicant organization.

What is the possible funding level?

The additional investment costs of an electric vehicle compared to a comparable vehicle with an internal combustion engine are eligible. The funding rate for the price difference depends on whether the subsidy is aid (40%) or not aid (90% ). Whether it is aid or not is mainly determined by the use of the vehicles. If they are used in the economic sector, it is aid. In the non-economic sector, such as police, fire department or THW, it is no aid. In addition, there are flat rates of €714 or €3,570 gross, depending on the charging infrastructure class. The subsidies are always paid out after the vehicles have been registered or the charging infrastructure has been installed.

What is explicitly not eligible?

Only the purchase of 100% electrically powered vehicles is eligible for funding. Plug-in hybrid vehicles, leased vehicles, used vehicles, special vehicles, buses or commercial vehicles are not eligible. The purchase of charging infrastructure alone is also excluded from funding. Only purpose-built combinations with electric vehicles are eligible. It is also important to note that only the costs for the charging infrastructure itself are eligible. You must bear the ancillary costs of the charging infrastructure yourself, such as installation or grid connection costs.

Example: You can count on this funding amount!

Purchase price for an eligible e-vehicle (gross): 60.000 €

Purchase price for the reference vehicle (gross): 30.000 €


Eligible sum = difference between the purchase prices of the two vehicles: € 30,000


Funding rate: aid 40 %, no aid 90 %.


Calculation of the amount of funding:

Eligible sum x funding rate

30.000€ x 90 % = 27.000 € (gross)


The calculated funding amount of € 27,000 (gross) does not fall below the minimum funding amount or exceed the maximum funding amount.


Disbursement of € 27,000 (the remaining € 3,000 of the eligible additional investment costs are considered as own contribution).

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Until 08 June 2023: Benefit from the electric vehicle subsidy of the BMDV!

If you have been thinking about switching to electromobility anyway, now is the best time! The attractive conditions such as the funding rate of up to 90 % and the combined funding of the matching charging infrastructure make it easier than ever. Look out for the opportunity to prove that you are running the subsidized electric vehicles on 100% renewable energy. While submitting such proof is not mandatory for the application, it can be requested at any time later for verification purposes.


SachsenEnergie will be happy to support you with all questions regarding subsidies and applications. Depending on the size of your project, it is highly recommended to involve the grid operator as early as possible anyway. Let us advise and strengthen you on your way to an electric future!


If you have any questions about this or other general topics relating to electromobility, please contact !

A contribution by Lisa Troeger

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